"This initial network of 27 participants, the “Europäische Konferenz”, formulated the intentions and goals for future cooperation. On an internal level, the network defined its aim of providing for regular communication among member institutes, stimulating the further development of study programs, exchanging research findings, and coordinating exchanges for both students and faculty among member institutes. On an external level, the network aim was - and is - to build an international, scientifically oriented platform that represents and supports member organizations with respect to issues of educational policy. Taking account of education science and general pedagogy, the network asserts the great potential that lies in the Waldorf approach, and aims to increasingly establish Waldorf education as an essential factor not only in Europe but also in global education (see also: Willmann 2006)."

4th International INASTE Congress

Realizing Humanity
Perspectives in Education / Perspektiven für Bildung und Erziehung 

May 18-20, 2022